Is This Just Me?

Is this just me, or does everybody secretly wish for an alien invasion? Or something of that ilk, the kind of situation where a person could credibly sacrifice himself against tremendous odds to save the world?

Where a man could carve a legend for himself simply by standing up to the powerful oppressors and saying no?

Where a population could rise up and unanimously tell the invaders "No more. I reject you. With a Molotov cocktail!"

No? Just me?

Yeah, I figured as much.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Archer's Tales

One of the things you might be surprised to know about me is that I've recently taken up Archery as a sport. (Note: Archery constitutes a sport because pulling a 40 pound bow 60-100 times in an afternoon is physically taxing. Darts does not.)

Anyway, I've been learning how to shoot a bow for a little over a month now, and I'm finally starting to get to a stage where I can feel a little proud of my achievement. I'm not a good shot yet, but I'm getting there, slowly and surely. Getting the arrows in the target really is a nice feeling.

It's really hard to describe why I enjoy it so much. Partly it's the sense of history, learning a skill that was a vital part of like in the past, a skill that demonstrated time and again that training, dedication and adaptibility can trump better technology. (See Battle of Agincourt, yes crossbow enthusiasts, I am mocking you.)

In other news, my mind continues to astonish me. Apparently the sense of guilt at having overslept and missed half a lecture last Wednesday is strong enough to function as an Alarm Clock, actually waking me up 5 minutes before the alarm I set went off. While this does raise some slightly interesting questions about my mental state, I can't help but revel in my subconcious work ethic. If only this would translate into concious work ethic (problem sheets will no longer be left until tuesday night however, it's too much a pain in the arse to work at that time of night)

If you're still reading at this point, congratulations. You're either incredibly interested in the bizarre ramblings of a guy with far too much time on his hands (and entirely too much caffiene and sugar in his system to go to sleep just yet) or you're a crossbow enthusiast reading to the bottom in order to leave a scathing comment.

Bring it on.

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