Is This Just Me?

Is this just me, or does everybody secretly wish for an alien invasion? Or something of that ilk, the kind of situation where a person could credibly sacrifice himself against tremendous odds to save the world?

Where a man could carve a legend for himself simply by standing up to the powerful oppressors and saying no?

Where a population could rise up and unanimously tell the invaders "No more. I reject you. With a Molotov cocktail!"

No? Just me?

Yeah, I figured as much.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Musings

So that was 2011, huh? I gotta say, as far as years go, that one was certainly one.

I joke of course, 2011 has been a damn fine year for me, even if it didn't seem like it at the time, but enough looking back, it's time to move forward: lets see what 2012 brings us, right?

One thing myself and many others are excited for this year is that 2012 is gonna be a geeks year, in cinema. We've got Amazing Spider-Man, which seems to be learning a lot from the Sam Raimi films by following the comics a lot closer, we've got the Superman reboot, Man of Steel...which, well, I don't care if it's 90 minutes of Superman getting wedgied by Darkseid, it'd still be a better representation of the character then some of the Superman films, theres Dark Knight Rises, which looks pretty damn good, with Bane played by Tom Hardy, a solid choice for a character who hasn't had the best of luck in previous adaptations. Finally, theres The Avengers.

Now, my thoughts on The Avengers as movie are probably synonymous with a lot of comic fans: "Sounds good, now try not to fuck it up, 'kay Marvel?" So far, everything I've seen about this movie has given me hope, we've got Skrulls being rumoured, we've got Thor, Cap and Iron Man, (all of whom are well cast, and the same actors as their own feature films) the teaser trailer was absolutely gorgeous, and we've got Joss Whedon directing, which strikes me as a very good choice, Whedon can balance Ensemble casts very well, just look at Serenity.

Of course, DC fans everywhere cry out in hope for a Justice League movie, but frankly, I don't see it happening any time soon. With The Flash and Wonder Woman movies stuck in development hell, the Green Lantern movie being...well, a fluorescent piece of shining embarassment, and Nolan's Batman series being brilliant but dark as all hell, well, I just can't see it on the horizon.

Frankly, one of the reasons I think the Marvel films have done so damn well is because of the Avengers movie on the horizon: Marvel have tied all their golden eggs into one basket and damn if they're not guarding it with their lives. Whereas Green Lantern was an isolated disaster for DC films, if Thor or Captain America had been that bad, there would have been major repurcussions for the rest of the franchise.

And frankly, if thats what it takes to get good comic book movies, then I'm all for it.

Happy New Year to the, what, 5 of you who read this. I hope it's a good un.

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